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Come and let us guide you through our large showroom and in-stock warehouse. The Carpet Store is Northeast #1 dealer in floor covering. We can meet or beat your best deal.


Testimonials About Mosley Flooring

You are the best! What a priviledge to have met you. Thanks for all of your work so far and look forward to the fireplace and bath. Be sure to know I’ll give you a key to the house and if you need to show any of ‘our’ looks, feel free to bring someone to sunset drive.

Judie Haynes

Thanks for your help in getting the lakehouse ready for our arrival. It is beautiful!


Marguerite Culpepper

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Carpet Maintenance

A maintenance program should be in place day 1. Maintenance means to maintain, not to trash and restore. It consists of four steps.

  1. Walk-off mats- Keep soil from entering a facility. Commercially two mats should be used one outside for grit and gravel; one inside for moisture. Rigorously maintain and clean or change out to avoid additional soil tracking.
  2. Vacuuming- Frequent, daily vacuuming removes 90% of the dry particulates before it penetrates into the pile of the carpet. Dual motor upright vacuum with top fill bag; Microfiltration system, filter or bag; Adjustable beater bar/brush
  3. Spot and spill removal- A portable spotting extractor is a good investment. R2x is a good wet spotter that leaves no residue. Citrus solvents are also recommended.
  4. Cleaning the carpet- Hot water extraction is recommended. Cleaning solutions with pH<10, no optical brighteners, no silicons, no excessive detergents and rinse, Cleaning solutions must dry brittle not sticky for vacuuming, do not overwet; speed dry

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