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You are the best! What a priviledge to have met you. Thanks for all of your work so far and look forward to the fireplace and bath. Be sure to know I’ll give you a key to the house and if you need to show any of ‘our’ looks, feel free to bring someone to sunset drive.

Judie Haynes

Thanks for your help in getting the lakehouse ready for our arrival. It is beautiful!


Marguerite Culpepper

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Some synthetic fibers start out as plastic pellets which are heated to their melting point and extruded through a spinneret, then pass through a cooling tower where they solidify into individual fibers that are drawn, bulked (crimped) and combined with others to become piles, which can then be air entangled, twisted and heat-set to become a bulked continuous filament. The filament can also be cut into 6”-8” lengths after extrusion called staple or spun, then processed into yarn at a spinning mill to create different aesthetic visuals.

Colors have a powerful psychological impact and go a long way toward defining the personality of a room.

Cool colors - Greens, grays and blues are associated with serenity and meditation
Warm colors - Reds, yellows and browns create a sense of excitement or coziness
Neutrals - Beiges, browns, black and white may be either warm or cool, creating design flexibility and versatility.

Color can alter the perception of space. Carpet provides a large area of color and adds a significant effect on the impression the interior space gives.

Light colors - Airy and cheerful, light colors open up a space, making it appear larger.
Dark colors - Bold and dramatic, dark, rich colors absorb more light, making space look smaller and more intimate.

Unbroken color and different textures of similar color in interconnected rooms tend to shrink space and define activity areas.

Color selection requires the following: Naturally lighter colors will show more soil trackage than darker colors and multiple colors and patterns will help mask traffic lanes. Consider the expected traffic level and have a planned maintenance program in place on day one.

Light sources- Color is reflected light. Under different sources they may appear to change slightly. This can dramatically affect color judgement accuracy. Use the same light source when matching carpet colors to fabric, furnishings, other carpet, etc.

Carpet maintenance is an important part of prolonging the life of your carpet. Click here to find out more about how to properly maintain your carpets.