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You are the best! What a priviledge to have met you. Thanks for all of your work so far and look forward to the fireplace and bath. Be sure to know I’ll give you a key to the house and if you need to show any of ‘our’ looks, feel free to bring someone to sunset drive.

Judie Haynes

Thanks for your help in getting the lakehouse ready for our arrival. It is beautiful!


Marguerite Culpepper

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Hardwood - Prefinished Wood Flooring -They are becoming the main stream of the "new" hardwood floor products. These new tough factory finishes are one of the main reason for making this type of hardwood floor product so popular with home owners and builders. The other reason is the ease of installation and the elimination of dusty sanding procedures. These products can cost from $2-$7 per sqr. ft. not including installation cost, prep, moldings and added accents, borders, and custom work. Typically these prefinished wood floor products come in various thicknesses and widths.

Unfinished Wood Floors (No finish-bare wood floor)-This product whether solid or engineered must be job site finished. This can be a very dusty experience unless a dust containment systems is used. Job site sanding and finishing can take several days to over a week according to square footage, stains, and number of coats of top finish. Finishes are oil or water based in different sheens. This process needs to be done after ALL other trades have completed their work, allowing enough time to complete the job such that finishes can cure properly. Using this service will increase the cost per square foot. Maintaining these finish are very important in providing a long life for your hardwood floor products. These unfinished wood floor products come in various thicknesses and widths.

Species of Wood
White Ash
Douglas Fir
Oak (red & white)
Brazilian Cherry

Engineered Hardwood - uses multiple layers of wood glued together, with the grain of each running at 90-degree angles to the layers adjacent. As the wood fibers absorb moisture and want to expand, each layer is restrained by the other and improved dimensional stability results.

Because it displays far less expansion and contraction with moisture changes, engineered flooring can be successfully installed in areas with wide humidity variations. A room that is exposed to excessive moisture would be prone to trouble if solid wood flooring were installed. Keep in mind that even if the humidity is stable under the house, the atmopshere type humidity, especially houses near or by water, definitely needs to be put into concern when picking out the structural type of hardwood. If ignored or neglected solid woods installed in these type environments can eventually start showing signs of cracks and seperaation between boards, cupping and crowning, and buckled floors.

The enjoyment of wood floor depends on some routine but minimal maintenance details. These include: