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You are the best! What a priviledge to have met you. Thanks for all of your work so far and look forward to the fireplace and bath. Be sure to know I’ll give you a key to the house and if you need to show any of ‘our’ looks, feel free to bring someone to sunset drive.

Judie Haynes

Thanks for your help in getting the lakehouse ready for our arrival. It is beautiful!


Marguerite Culpepper

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Backsplashes - Kitchen backsplashes are a great way of combining flooring, countertops, cabinets, and surrounding décor to achieve a finished look. There are many different looks that can be achieved when deciding what kind of design the customer wants. Countertops are the most important product to focus on because of the color that’s in most. If you have a countertop with a lot of color or design to it, keep the backsplash simple. On the other hand if a countertop is very plain add a little more color or accents to the backsplash. Color plays a key factor when deciding on what backsplash you want. Put everything from floor to ceilings in play so it will coordinate well.

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