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You are the best! What a priviledge to have met you. Thanks for all of your work so far and look forward to the fireplace and bath. Be sure to know I’ll give you a key to the house and if you need to show any of ‘our’ looks, feel free to bring someone to sunset drive.

Judie Haynes

Thanks for your help in getting the lakehouse ready for our arrival. It is beautiful!


Marguerite Culpepper

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Differences in tile products:

Maintenance and Care
All natural stone should be maintained properly. All finishes of stone, honed, polished or tumbled look beautiful and are very durable when protected and maintained. Sealing all natural stone is highly recommended. It is suggested that a breathable penetrating sealer is applied.


Caring and Cleaning of Natural Stone
Dirt and dust can scratch the natural stone’s surface therefore it is imperative to frequently vacuum or dust mop the stone’s surface to remove abrasive agents.

Natural stone surfaces should be cleaned with a neutral, PH balanced cleanser. Never use a cleaner that contains acid, bleach, vinegar, or lemon juice as these can etch and eventually damage the stone’s surface. It is recommended to only use cleansers specifically designed for cleaning natural stone.

Sealing Natural Stone
Sealing is essential to protect the beauty and ensure the longevity of any natural stone product. A penetrating sealer is highly recommended for polished or honed marble, limestone, tumbled stone, and granite. A stone enhancer sealer may be used to enhance the color of stone.